The District 202 School Board is currently undergoing a planned three-year review of the six District goals approved originally on Oct. 9, 2012. An initial draft of the revised goals, of which there are now five, was reviewed at the Board’s Oct. 26 meeting.

The draft goals, as revised, are:

• Increase each student’s academic trajectory, while eliminating the racial predictability of achievement as demonstrated through multiple measures.

• Provide all students with resources, opportunities, supports, interventions, services, and curricula to ensure that each student will demonstrate significant academic and social-emotional growth during their experience at ETHS.

• Create a student-centered facility using 21st Century resources to support the needs of our diverse learning community.

• Provide consistent and stable financial stewardship assuring: equitable opportunity and excellent education for each student; reasonable property taxes; leveraged and optimized resources; and values-based, cost-effective allocation of resources.

• Strengthen relationships throughout the community which enrich engagement among all stakeholders and enhance student learning and well-being, and assure full continuity of effort with District 65

Targets and measurers are being developed for each goal. Dr. Pete Bavis, in a memo to the Board regarding the goals revision process, recommended that “the board focus on the five measures that matter: freshman on track (Allensworth & Easton, 2007), graduation rate, AP access and success (Keng & Dodd, 2007), ACT College Readiness Benchmarks (CRB) in English and math (Bettinger, Evans & Pope, 2011), and discipline and suspension.”

A few parents spoke about the goals during the meeting’s open session. The Board plans other public forums to solicit feedback from the community, including lunches and a moderated discussion planned for January.