Evanston RoundTable writers and staff garnered 16 awards in the “non-daily” newspaper category at the annual Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards banquet dinner on Oct. 29.

First place awards went to Victoria Scott for best personality profile (for her article on Matching Pursuit) and for best business/financial /consumer story (for her article Merry and Bright), to Mary Helt Gavin  for best technology/medical story (for her article Panel Plumbs the Waters), and to Dick Peach for best sports columnist (for his column Keeping the Great Lakes).

Ms. Gavin also received awards for best technology/ medical story (for her article Report on Ebola in Evanston), for best business/financial/consumer story  (A Sweet Future in Evanston), and for best in-depth news story (for her article Fifth Ward Residents React); Les Jacobson won an award for best personality profile (for his article on Marcus Campbell); Larry Gavin won awards for best editorial (We Oppose SB 1), for best in-depth news story (for his article on the Decline of Affordable Housing Evanston), for best news story series (for his series of articles on District 65’s adopting its Strategic Plan), and for best education reporting.

 Mary Mumbrue won an award for best spot news photo (for her photo of Geometry in Construction); Lynn Trautmann won awards for best sports photo (for her photos of the Justin Wynn 3-on-3 tournament, and ETHS boys baseball).

Nina D’Agostino and the Gavins won an award for best website.