The weather gods are really having fun with us this year. Just when we plan on putting the boat away and packing up the gear for the season because we’re getting temperatures in upper 30s, everything turns around and we get beautiful 65 degree days again and a forecast for above average temperatures for the coming month. This will extend the fishing days (without the ice gear) and will keep large schools of good sized fish available. Bass, walleye and perch will all be schooling up and feeding up as the water continues to cool.  Look for any structure that might hold bait fish, then get your lures in there. In most situations your bait of choice, with cooler water, would be minnows on a drop-shot rig.

The Fox River at Oshkosh, Wis. is having a great late season run on white bass. The fisherman are literally catching so many they are running out of bait, and filling ice chests full of fish. Normally catches this big, with ice chests being filled on a regular basis would be problem, but the local anglers know that the more white bass they take out this fall will mean that many more newly hatched walleye will make it out of the river and into Lake Winnebago to survive in the coming years.

Speaking of rivers, the reports from the Des Plaines River have been really good. Most of the action has been in the north end above Independence Grove in Libertyville. The anglers are launching there and working north having great success on northern pike, walleye and bass. The Mississippi River out of Genoa (Pool 9) is also enjoying the temperature turn around. The river is up about 2 feet from a few weeks ago and the current has picked up making locating of walleyes and saugers a bit easier, just head for the wing dams, especially those with some rocks or some other structure with them. The preferred bait would be a jig and minnow. The aggressive fish will be on the front face of the wing dam, the neutral biters will tuck in on the back side.

Let’s get out there and enjoy this break before the snow comes and put a few really nice fish on our tables for dinner. Until next time…keep a tight line.

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