The Actors Gymnasium continues the fourth annual Fall Youth Circus, “Secrets, Lies & Super Spies,” through Nov. 21 at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St.

Leading a double life can be tough, especially when friends are doing it too. The world’s finest secret agents have no idea that their civilian best friends are actually their colleagues until a power-mad villain plots to turn them against each other. Will their friendship prevail, or will the secrets and lies destroy them all? This mission includes espionage, acrobatics, live rock music, comedic spyjinx and deadly lasers.

“Whether I’m teaching or directing, I make sure to hand over control on certain aspects of the class or creative process so that the students or cast and I are truly collaborating together,” says co-director Alex Tey.

Mr. Tey continues, “In rehearsal for the Youth Circuses, what this means is that Sara (my co-director) and I come in with a basic sketch of what the story might look like, and then we lead creative improv exercises with the cast. Through these early workshops, we get input on characters, situations, even specific lines of dialogue that may end up in the show. Any artist is going to be doing their best work when they are deeply invested in the project at hand, and this is our way of respecting and celebrating our cast, building investment, and coming up with great ideas that Sara and I never would have found on our own.”

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