City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz sent the following statement to City staff today:

“The State of Illinois still does not have a budget.

“This situation has really gone beyond words or explanation.  What is clear is that it is very unlikely that the State will have a budget by the end of our current fiscal year December 31.  Whatever happens with the State budget will be a challenge for us now in our fiscal year 2016.  This allows City budget staff to have a clearer picture of our challenges as we look to conclude the current fiscal year 2015 at the end of next month.

“Our latest budget report for the year through September 30 shows that we are doing OK with the question of receiving overdue Motor Vehicle Tax (MVT) from the State.  The Illinois House passed a measure last week that authorizes payment of those funds and the Governor has indicated he will sign the bill.  However, the bill is stuck in politics between the House Speaker and President of the State Senate.  This specific impasse will be resolved before December 31 and the City will get the MVT money. 

“I now believe that the City can end FY 2015 balanced without the need of December 31 furlough day.  I do ask that everyone be mindful of our current financial challenges and refrain from any unnecessary purchases at the end of the year, even if some accounts are under budget.  This careful financial management will help provide an even greater cushion for a small citywide surplus at the end of the year.

“Thank you for your outstanding efforts so far this year and your understanding as we have worked to keep City finances in order despite the uncertainties of the State of Illinois.

“Please accept my best wishes to you and your families next week as we celebrate Thanksgiving.”