We finally got our first snowfall of the season, and while local totals were fairly light, the areas nearby where we fish got quite a bit got as much as 15 to 18 inches. The snow brought the water temperatures down but that was good news for some because the fishing calendar was a bit out of time due to the long warm fall weather. Muskie fishermen have been out in force as their favorite fish has become more active in the colder water (along with northern pike). That’s because the muskie think it’s late fall. We have received reports from the Fox River and the Chain of Lakes of some nice muskies being caught in the 38″ to 45″ range, not a trophy, but a lot of fun to catch and release

We also heard from the Busse Lake fishermen that the muskies are biting there at the edge of the weed line or the first break point. We also heard from fishermen on the upper Fox River that they were catching some nice crappies from shore with minnows under a bobber, real “old school” fishing that still puts fish on the table.

They were catching keepers above 10 inches, and a few at 13-14 inches. That’s real good eating, and a lot of fun on light tackle. We suspect that our next fishing report will be about early ice fishing.

Last time I said it was time to start sorting my tackle boxes because it will take me a while. I have a number of tackle boxes; my wife thinks I have more tackle than some tackle shops we have visited. It’s just that over the past 40-plus years I have accumulated a lot of lures.

Each year I review my fishing logs and go through my tackle and take out the lures that either I didn’t use or didn’t catch fish on. I put those in my storage boxes and start setting up my primary tackle box for the coming year. I also start making a list of the jigs I need to make, over the winter, to replenish my inventory for next season. I’ll go into my primary tackle box during the winter on what and why certain lures go in it.

In the next article I’ll put together my annual Christmas shopping list for the fisherman out there. Until next time…keep a tight line.

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