The City’s Design and Project Review Committee voted unanimously on Nov. 18 to recommend approval of a new development at 831 Emerson, with the condition that the building height be reduced.

The proposed development is 14 stories (145 feet) at its highest point, where the maximum allowed by code is 67 feet. The building would contain 287 apartment units where a maximum of 121 are allowed by code, and it would contain 145 parking spaces where 423 are required by code. The developers are seeking allowances (or waivers) for these and other aspects of the development.  

First Ward Alderman Judy Fiske, in whose ward the development sits, voiced concerns about the height of the building as well as many other aspects of the project. Neighbors also voiced opposition to the project.

The proposed project now advances to the City’s Plan Commission, which may consider the project at its Dec. 9 meeting. Ultimately, City Council is required to approve the project.

For more information about the proposed development, see “14 Story Building Planned for 831 Emerson St.” in the Nov. 5  issue of the RoundTable.