On February 27, 2016, the Evanston Township High School District 202 Board of Education will hold a day-long workshop as part of the goals revision process that was launched in the fall 2015. The workshop will provide a day of collaborating, listening and learning.

The workshop is a public meeting, originally scheduled for January, that will be facilitated by a representative from the Illinois Association of School Boards and will be built around a structured, yet informal, give-and-take between school board members and representatives from the school and the community at large. Using the feedback from the meeting, the board and administration will revise a system-wide set of goals.

There will also be invited participants in the workshop to assure broad-based school and community representation. More information about the February meeting will be provided in January.

For more information about the District 202 Goals, visit the ETHS website: http://www.eths.k12.il.us/domain/226