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 “The only way out is through.” That is what I tell myself this time every year because I am not a winter person. Weather is what we live with so we have to take it as it comes. But in the taking, we are not powerless…for the most part. Hurricanes, tornados, floods, blizzards and ice storms belie that statement, but generally and ultimately we have to deal with the aftermath.

The good news is that winter is not forever. And that this year it has been kind…thus far. But the days ahead need something more for “getting through.” Maybe a song might help.

Sing a Winter Sing

Sing, sing an anthem to another day;

a worshiping wonder at the soft spill of light

from out the chill darkness in the East,

Through tangles of limbs dreaming of Spring.

No birdsong to hear – much too early in their shivering nests,

those who choose to stay.

A spill of sunrise fills an almost hour

of an awakening, curious mind,

Humming something of  a song

to fit and charm the sacred silence of the dawn.

a distant vein of silver

Turning gold soon enough;

 then a  single bird’s chilly chirp.

Silhouettes, now trees, toss back dark curls,

looking for a brush of breeze,

stretching towards the glint of day,

barely new, with old rituals surprises, becoming.

And the song is full.

Another new day alive

with warm-song, our song.