Three Outdoor Skating Rinks
At Baker Park (Foster Avenue at Keeney Street), Bent Park (Central Street at Cowper Avenue) and the Arrington Lagoon at Dawes Park (Church Street at Sheridan Road) – are presently closed.

It takes several days and nights of applying water during cold temperatures to have ice thick enough to skate on. The ground temperature is also an important factor. The Public Works Department monitors frost depth and will make ice when conditions are appropriate and the forecast is for continued cold weather.

Outdoor ice has imperfections and the condition of the ice can change quickly due to temperature changes, snowfall, etc. Skaters and parents are advised to check the condition of the ice before skating. Skating is done at one’s own risk. The rinks at Bent  Park and Baker Park rinks have plastic liners. If someone skates when the ice is too thin, the blades may break through the ice and cut the liner. If the liner is cut, water escapes and it makes it harder for crews to make ice.

In the winter months, Public Works crews work on the rinks (when conditions are favorable) Monday through Friday. They do not work on holidays or the weekends. During snow events, their first priority will be the removal of snow from City buildings’ parking lots, sidewalks, and paths.

The outdoor rinks will be cleared after snow has been cleared from these facilities.

A recorded message regarding outdoor ice rink conditions is available by calling
847-859-7822, ext. 8.

There are no attendants on duty to supervise rinks and shelter houses will not be open.

Sledding in James Park
Pursuant to the City of Evanston Municipal Code, tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding are prohibited at James Park. Sledding is also prohibited on the James Park large center hill. All activities at James Park are at the user’s own risk.

Adults are responsible for supervising children in their care.

The City of Evanston is not responsible for any damages or injuries to any persons or property arising out of sledding, tobogganing, skiing, and snowboarding at James Park.

There are no attendants on duty to supervise the sled hill and the shelter house will not be open.