Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Accuity Chief Executive Officer Hugh Jones cut the ribbon at Accuity’s new offices on Feb. 8.                                               RoundTable photo

Accuity moved its global headquarters, which houses approximately 200 employees, from Skokie to Evanston two weeks ago. Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl welcomed the company to Evanston at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new offices at 1007 Church Street.

Hugh Jones, president and chief executive officer of Accuity, said the company has customers in 165 countries, represents nine of the ten largest banks in the world, has more than 20,000 clients worldwide, and that one of its major clients is the U.S. Government.

Some of its core services relate to  financial institution’s payment routing systems, making sure that payments are efficient and that payments are being routed to the correct entity, and ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, terrorist watch lists, and sanctions regarding the transmission of funds. 

Mr. Jones said the most significant reason to relocate to Evanston was human talent. Accuity is in the “thought leadership business,” he said, and it needs highly talented individuals. Evanston’s proximity to Northwestern University and its easy access to Chicago and the North Shore will give Accuity opportunities in recruiting talented people. He also said that the hotels in the area will accommodate Accuity’s clients from around the world when they visit the headquarter’s office, and additionally, there are many restaurants in the vicinity.

The company has a long connection with Evanston through “Accuity In Action.” Accuity employees volunteer their time to help people in the local community and have been involved in several local initiatives which embody the company’s philosophy of making a difference in the communities where they live and work.

 “I am extremely pleased to welcome our staff and customers to our new office in Evanston and I look forward to Accuity strengthening its links with the local community,” said Mr. Jones. “This project represents an enormous opportunity for us to take all the positive elements of our rich history and culture at Accuity and wrap it into a completely new and fresh look, in line with our successful journey as a business. I remain incredibly proud of what we have accomplished to date with Accuity. My sincere hope and wish is that this significant investment in our new space, our employees and our business will create many more successful years.”