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Evanston North Shore Bird Club will lead nature walks through Perkins Woods on May 5 and May 24 as part of the Cook County Forest Preserve’s “Big Year” birding competition. Both hikes start at 7:30 a.m. at the corner of Ewing Avenue and Grant Street. More walks are promised for spring and the fall migration.

The Forest Preserve’s “Big Year” birding competition is unusual in that the Preserves will compete instead of people. The idea is to mix cooperation with some elements of competition thrown in to introduce birding as a way of making new friends and learning what birding is all about.

During the competition, teams will have two main objectives:
• See which preserve has the most birds, to be determined by the number of bird species accepted by eBird for the site hotspot.
• See which preserve team can engage the most new birders in their “Big Year” efforts, to be determined by field trip attendance sheets.

Contact info@ensbc.org for more information on how to participate in Evanston North Shore Bird Club’s team. Participants don’t have to join ENSBC, they can just visit Perkins Woods, join in the hike and record their sightings.