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• To wage war against aging invites aging to wage war as well. But when one can accept and embrace the realities of what “human” ultimately means, a certain peace can smooth the wrinkles and somewhat soothe the end of days.

• Truth, when one can find it, lives in history (not as it is told or written, perhaps, but as it actually happened). Unfortunately, history cannot forgive;  but it can  always teach.

• This is not the first time our world has been so fragile, or our politics so volatile; nor will it be the last. Therefore, be concerned and somewhat fearful, but ever careful – and caretaking. To survive such times requires a conscious and consistent clarity and strength.

• Hope is to belief what acceptance is to love.

• Just for a moment settle into silence; open your heart. Then listen to your feelings, for one’s  truth lives there.

• A closed mind is like a fist, looking for a fight.

• Deja Vu: When memories become real again / and time turns back on itself, / long-ago yesterdays disappear. / Then becomes Now / and healing can happen for those who remember…and need to forgive / and let go.

But  life moves on in grown-to contexts. / What is past does not, cannot change;  / but what is Now can lighten the spirit-self, / finding honesty and peace / and, most importantly, perhaps, /some  of the many meanings of life / and the power of love.

• Judging others is simply an attempt to validate one’s self. Accepting others often invites reciprocity.

• Racism is a disease of the human spirit. It is rooted in ignorance, is essentially personal and can be, sadly, highly contagious. Healing happens with an open heart and mind.

• Perception, when one sees clearly, is the beginning of wisdom.

A measure of intelligence is knowing what one does not know and being willing to admit it.

• We cannot give our children what we do not have ourselves. But when we give them love, we give them everything they need.