A proposal for adopting local parking meters by residents and business owners came up before City Council for consideration recently. In trying to avoid another taxing solution to the City’s financial woes due to the downstate deadlock on the FY2016 budget, Evanstonians and other lovers of this City could, for a reasonable and renewable fee, adopt the parking meter of their choice to show solidarity with and appreciation of the City.

The program, tentatively, called “I Heart Evanston Parking Meters,” would operate in a manner similar to that of the highly successful “I Heart Evanston’s Trees,” said City Everything Czar Pearl LeBlanc.

“For a basic fee, a resident or group of residents – hey! even a carpool group – can adopt a parking meter for one to three years.

“Of course, downtown meters will be more expensive, and those in the other business districts more affordable,” said Ms. LeBlanc.

“Each adopted meter will sport a ‘I Heart Evanston Parking Meters’ tag, along with the name of the adopter or adopters or adopting group. Loved ones can be honored or memorialized in this way, too. The basic adoption is for a coin-operated street meter. Groups that wish to adopt pay-by-phone or pay-at-the kiosk meters will have to pay extra,” she added.

Many details have yet to be worked out. Future proposals will consider traffic circles and speed bumps for adoption as well. The matter will be up for Council consideration on April 1.