Aela Morris

Evanston Township High School junior Aela Morris received recognition for a monologue entered in a youth writing contest as part of the Statue Stories Chicago project that brings voice to iconic statues in the city. She won the teen competition for her Fountain Girl monologue, which was selected from 200 entries.

Aela participates in a drama program through the Chicago Park District, a co-sponsor of the competition and city-wide project.

A small statue in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood is brought to life through Aela’s Fountain Girl story, along with the voice of a Chicago Public Schools student.

Statue Stories Chicago premiered in August 2015 when 30 statues across the city started “speaking their minds.” Chicago writers, actors and comedians were commissioned to create each monologue, which can be accessed by swiping a smartphone on a plaque near the statue. 

Fountain Girl joined the conversation on March 15, with additional monologues that won the Goodman Theatre’s public writing competition.