The boards of the Evanston Day Nursery and the Evanston Community Foundation are pleased to announce the creation of the EDN Fund for Early Childhood.  

Grants from the Fund will support the development of children aged 0 – 5, including early learning and language acquisition and access to high quality early childhood programs.

The Fund preserves the legacy of the Evanston Day Nursery (EDN). EDN was one of the earliest childcare centers in Illinois and the first in Evanston. Over its long history, EDN had a deep commitment to offering high quality early childhood programs for all children, regardless of family income.  In 2014, EDN closed its doors after 101 years of service to Evanston.

EDN President Rhea Keenan said, “Through the EDN Fund for Early Childhood at the Evanston Community Foundation, the values of EDN will live on.  We are pleased that the Fund will support high quality programs for young children and their families, continuing the EDN tradition.”

Grants from the EDN Fund for Early Childhood will be part of the Evanston Community Foundation’s spring responsive grant cycle.  The Fund is an endowed fund and will generate an annual distribution for grants on a permanent basis.

ECF President and CEO Monique Jones said, “We are pleased ECF can provide a permanent home for the EDN Fund to continue their legacy of improving the lives of young children and their families in Evanston.”
For more information visit or call 847.492.0990