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Evanston resident and optometrist Deana LaBrosse O.D. has opened Evanston Eye Wellness at 716 Main St. in Evanston. After years of providing mobile eye care services through her business Eye Solutions P.C., Dr. LaBrosse established roots with Evanston Eye Wellness to offer medical and routine eye care, with the understanding that every patient’s eyes and visual demands are different.

“I pay close attention to my patient’s lifestyle and match treatments and products to ensure optimal visual comfort in their daily activities. For instance, a patient that uses a computer all day at work may need glasses that are a slightly different prescription and reduce transmission of blue light to provide relieve from visual fatigue,” said Dr. LaBrosse.

As Dr. LaBrosse explains, although medical training places a heavy emphasis on pharmaceuticals and treating specific symptoms, through her own health journey, she became aware of other systems of medicine and chose to embrace a different paradigm in approaching illness. “There are options in prevention and treatment of common eye conditions beyond traditional medicine. Although I do prescribe medication when appropriate, I also offer treatments based in homeopathy, nutrition, and herbalism. 

“Current research shows that conditions such as macular degeneration and dry eyes are best treated through nutrition. I feel it is important for patients to be aware what they can do now for their eyes and vision to prevent future problems,” said Dr. LaBrosse.