The City of Evanston has partnered with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) to offer free rain barrels and free rain barrel delivery to eligible Evanston residential property owners.

Rain barrels are rainwater collection systems installed outside of residences and connected to downspouts to collect stormwater runoff from rooftops. Rainwater can be collected for lawn and garden watering, plant watering, and car and window washing. Collecting rainwater and using it for these purposes decreases the amount of water that ends up in Evanston’s stormwater sewer system, which can help decrease the likelihood of flooding.

Residential property owners located in Evanston are eligible for the program, including single-family homeowners and property owners/administrators of multi-unit residential buildings (rental properties and condominium buildings).

Each single-family and multi-unit residential building may order up to four free rain barrels. It may take up to 12 weeks for rain barrel(s) to be delivered. Commercial properties in Evanston are not eligible for free rain barrels, but may purchase them online at

More about the residential rain barrel program and order forms for a rain barrel are available at