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Working with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, the Evanston Police Department conducted liquor compliance checks at 18 locations here on March 30. The compliance checks were made to ensure no illegal sales of alcohol were occurring to persons under the age of 21.  This operation found one establishment in violation; Chili’s Grill and Bar, 1765 Maple Ave.  The server was cited under city ordinance for underage sale of an alcoholic beverage and the establishment was also cited under state law by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.  

These operations are usually conducted twice each year at various times to keep businesses in compliance with state and local ordinances that restrict the sale of liquor to persons of age.  Individuals 18 and enter the establishment under the supervision of law enforcement and attempt to make a purchase.  If the establishment sells liquor without checking the proper identification to verify the underage purchaser is of age, the establishment is then cited for the underage sale.  The individuals are instructed to provide their age and identification upon request during the attempted purchase.  

All individuals cited will appear at administrative adjudication at the Civic Center.