The City’s weekly yard waste pick-ups have begun and will continue on residents’ regular refuse collection day through Dec. 1. To ensure compliance with state laws, yard waste must be collected separately from the rest of the household waste.

Three options are available for disposing of yard waste: using a City of Evanston 95-gallon Yard Waste cart; placing yard waste in paper yard-waste bags, available in packages at local stores, and affixing a Yard Waste sticker to each bag; and composting and mulching to recycle the earth’s nutrients, save money, and conserve vanishing landfill space.

Yard Waste carts may be ordered from the City of Evanston for $82.50 each, with an annual fee of $25, which appears on the water bill; Yard Waste stickers may be purchased for $1.75 each at local Jewel Food Stores, hardware stores, the City Collector’s office, and the Levy Senior Center.

Bags without yard-waste stickers will incur a charge of $25 for three bags and $10 for an additional three bags. Yard Waste stickers must also be affixed  to tree-trimming bundles, which must be less than three feet in total diameter, with individual branches being less than four feet long and less than three inches in diameter.

Finally, residents are reminded that it is against the law to rake leaves into the street.