Senator Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) issued the following statement about Illinois’ budget stalemate:

“Illinois desperately needs a sustainable state budget solution that is balanced and fair. Clearly, the Legislature and Gov. Rauner are not in agreement yet on what that means.

“Until we’re able to find common ground, we shouldn’t stand by and watch the slow, painful destruction of many of the things that make us a proud and compassionate state – namely, our network of human service providers and our enviable public universities and community colleges.

“We must do what we can today to save these institutions as we work together on longer-term reforms to stabilize Illinois’ future.

“Today I voted once again to give Gov. Rauner the ability to send promised and critically needed state money to human service providers, universities, community colleges and others who are on the verge of closing their doors or losing their jobs because of the state budget stalemate. I don’t want to see Chicago State University, Catholic Charities or any other vitally important institution close its doors. I can’t imagine the governor wants to see that happen either.

“I urge Gov. Rauner to sign Senate Bill 2046. It would enable him to offer some relief to victims of the budget stalemate while buying him time to work with Democratic and Republican lawmakers on shared priorities for the state.”