9-11 am, April 16, 2016

First Congregational Church of Evanston

1417 Hinman Avenue

Evanston, IL 60202

How insufficient revenue is hurting people of Illinois – The lack of revenue severely reduces the ability of social service agencies to provide for the elderly, homeless,  especially  women and children,  low income people with health or mental health issues.  College education funding through the MAP grant program have not been allocated as promised by the State. Chicago State University, a mostly minority school, may close.

Testimonies of how the budget impasse has hurt people, discussion and reflection with neighbors – Listen to people share their experience. Is there any doubt that the budget impasse is hurting people, especially the people who can least afford it?  It is time that we rebuild social services to help those who need it.

Elected State Officials – Senator Daniel Biss, Representative Laura Fine,  and others TBD – Listen/Meet elected officials.  Get the amendment for progressive tax on the ballot this fall.  This does not need  Governor Rauner’s approval.  Get the facts and arguments to convince Uncle Joe.

Call to ACTION: What can be done!

Need to amend the Constitution of Illinois so that progressive tax is allowed.

Need to look at ways of bringing in more $$$ to the state of Illinois

Fair Tax as Long-Term Solution

The financial crisis for the State of Illinois is not a spending problem. It is a revenue problem. When the state income tax was a 5% the State was almost breaking even. A graduated/progressive tax under the  FAIR Tax amendment will generate the revenue to make Illinois into a thriving state. Let’s put an end to the budget impasse, falling deeper into massive debt and despair.