On April 19, at approximately 1:55 p.m., two officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Asbury Avenue in reference to suspicious activity at a vacant residence, said Commander Joseph Dugan of the Evanston Police Department. The officers located a man, 25 years old, inside the residence.  

After further investigation, the officers were attempting to take the man into custody at which time he began fighting with the officers, said the Commaner. One of the officers deployed his taser in an attempt to gain control of the man, with negative results. The man pulled out a black BB gun, that had the same appearance as a handgun, said the Commander. At that time the back-up officer discharged his weapon at the man, said the Commander.

 The man fled into another part of the residence, and the officers set up a perimeter of the location in order to contain the man inside.  After a perimeter had been set up, the man was able to flee on foot still carrying the gun.  An officer on the perimeter discharged his weapon at the man, and the man dropped the gun and continued to flee on foot westbound, said the Commander.

 The man was subsequently taken into custody in the 1300 block of Greenwood Street. The man was not injured and was transported to the Evanston Police Department. The officers involved in the incident were shaken up, but were not physically injured in the incident. Upon further examination, the gun that was recovered was discovered to be a BB gun, said the Commander.  

Evanston police detectives are continuing their investigation. The identity of the man will be disseminated when charges are lodged. The Evanston Police Department Office of Professional Standards will also conduct an investigation into the incident, said Commander Dugan.