Susan O’Halloran, left, with Evanston Bridgebuilder awardees Sloan Gormely, center, and Camille Allen.Photo from Divine Word

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Two students in Evanston schools were among the 11 Chicago-area students who received the 2016 Techny BridgeBuilder Award. Sloan Gormley of Roycemore School and Camille Allen of Evanston Township High School were among those honored at a ceremony at Techny  earlier this month. The BridgeBuilder Award recognizes extraordinary contributions in bringing people together.

 “This year’s BridgeBuilder Award ceremony not only celebrated diversity and inclusivity, it also bridged the generations,” said event organizer and BridgeBuilder Award co-founder Susan O’Halloran.

“Civil Rights leaders of the 1950s and ’60s are beginning to pass on the torch to the youth. These 11 award recipients represent some of the most dynamic and dedicated members of their generation,” Ms. O’Halloran added.