During the middle Saturdays this month, the Quad is hosting open houses for field hockey players ages 9-14, overseen by Ejaz Syed. There will be drills, scrimmages and games for boys and girls in middle schoolers.

   “Field hockey is so limited because of the season,” Mr. Syed said, adding the Quad offers a “unique opportunity” for more weeks of play.

One field of the Quad will offer enough space for a field hockey game, with each team having 10 players on the field and one at goal, Mr. Kindra said. 

    Asked about the name, since, on the outside, at least there are no corners, Mr. Kindra responded, “four seasons, four sports, four fields, for fun.”

 Pictured left to right are Bill Kindra, one of the owners of the Quad, Anatollia Syed and Ejaz Syed.