State Senator Daniel Biss advised constituents that he is launching a website in which he will lay out his vision for Illinois. He said:

“The situation in Springfield persists, and while there are some indications of opportunity, we’re still far from a truly sustainable resolution.

Meanwhile, a lot of people have been asking me some version of this question:

“I oppose Governor Rauner’s agenda. But Illinois has real problems; what’s the Democratic plan for how to fix them?”

I think it’s a fair question, with significant ramifications. That’s why I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and launch a website where I’ll lay out my own vision for Illinois. Our problems are real, but our opportunities are tremendous as well.

I hope you’ll check the site out. So far, I’ve put up a short video and longer document laying out some basic principles, as well as an op-ed I had in the Sun-Times introducing the project.

This is just the beginning. I look forward to following up with more videos, essays, and thoughts in the coming months — and to hearing your thoughts about what we most need to accomplish as a state.”