Evanston Township High School students participated in the 2016 National Latin Exam, with 36 of the 66 participating students earning awards. The 40-question exam, taken by level, is taken annually by approximately 154,000 Latin students worldwide.

ETHS students earned Summa Cum Laude (gold medal), Maxima Cum Laude (silver medals), Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude recognition at various levels. Results are as follows:

 1 Latin – Gold Summa Cum Laude: Michael Frim and Joah Rosing; Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Polina Cherepanova and Olivia Larsen; Magna Cum Laude: Rachel Krumholz, Joseph Frankel, Nicola Walker, and Evan Finder; Cum Laude: Quinn Lewis and Evan DeStefano.

2 Latin – Gold Summa Cum Laude: Lara Kosar and Samantha Kaiser; Magna Cum Laude: Olivia Oats, Mattias Amezquita-Fox, Emma Grenzebach, Paulina Durham, and Zinnia Schwartz; Cum Laude: Neha Singh and Clara Stein.

3 Latin – Gold Summa Cum Laude: Ben Ballmer; Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Eli Baum and Eddie Liccardo; Magna Cum Laude: Jacob Glassman, Allison Neggers, and Anna Mondschean; Cum Laude: Frederick Pardoe and AJ Brown.

4 Latin – Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Rena Newman; Magna Cum Laude: Sophie Haight, Isaac Magnuson, and Nina Kaushikkar; Cum Laude: Allison Grimsted, Norberto Aleman-Padilla and Lia Nelson.

ETHS teachers Michelle Green and Catherine Wickham noted that overall, 62% of ETHS Latin students scored at or above the international average for this exam.