Twenty small trees and shrubs were donated to Evanston Township High School on May 1, thanks to the efforts of Natural Habitat Evanston, a local community effort initiated by Citizens’ Greener Evanston. Natural Habitat Evanston applied for the Trees for Wildlife grant, a program of the National Wildlife Federation, facilitating the donation to help increase the tree cover at ETHS and around Evanston.

At a May Day celebration at the Ecology Center, ETHS received a variety of 18-26 inch “whips” that will grow and enhance the school campus.

ETHS students were also on hand to help plant trees in Evanston’s public gardens and Ladd Arboretum.

Small trees and shrubs for ETHS were chosen for their wildlife value, especially to birds, bees, and butterflies. Selections include nannyberry, spicebush, and elderberry, which produce blooms, fruit, and other food for migratory birds and pollinators.