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 A team of Evanston Township High School students has been selected for the International Mathmatical Modeling Challenge (IM2C) and is one of three teams from Illinois to participate in the contest. Teams were invited to submit papers for the IM2C competition based on the results of the COMAP math contest held earlier in the school year. Four of the 70 invited teams were from ETHS, and three were able to attempt a solution paper to compete against top papers from 35 other countries.

ETHS seniors Ella Brady, Katherine Brady, Adam Masters, and Nick O’Brien were named as a Finalist Team, meaning they were in the top 10 papers considered to represent the U.S.

The IM2C problem posed to the student teams was about insurance concerns and bonuses involved with large track and field events. The other ETHS teams that participated in the contest were: seniors Nathan Holzmueller, Curtis Lowder, Nick Shankar, and Harry Zhang; and juniors Holly Cunningham and Abby Stein. ETHS advisors for the IM2C contest are teachers Mark Vondracek and Glenford Gordon.