Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl speaking at the Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit in Beijing. Photo from City of Evanston

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Earlier this month Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl joined U.S. and Chinese leaders in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the U.S.-China Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit in Beijing, pledging to strengthen and coordinate efforts to combat global climate change and promote low-carbon development.

The MOU, signed by members of the Compact of Mayors and the Alliance of Peaking Pioneer Cities (APPC), is a pledge to jointly explore the best approaches for green and low-carbon development. Together, the Compact and APPC will jointly take enhanced actions to mitigate carbon emissions, increase climate resilience, share experience, and strengthen cooperation.

“Cities are on the front line in the fight against global climate change,” said Mayor Tisdahl. “I’m proud to join local leaders from across the world in strengthening cities’ efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions, promote low-carbon development, and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.”

The MOU will remain in effect for three years from the date of signature, June 7, and may be amended and/or extended to its effective term.

In addition to signing the MOU, Mayor Tisdahl shared her insights on collaboration between public, private, and research organizations to cut GHG emissions in a June 7 panel discussion, “Best Practices for Chinese Cities Peaking and U.S. Cities Cutting Emissions.” On June 8, the Mayor provided information about Evanston’s climate action successes in a presentation, “Low Carbon Development and Air Quality Improvement.”

Mayor Tisdahl committed to the global Compact of Mayors in January, reinforcing the City’s commitment to climate action by taking stock of greenhouse gas emissions, creating an action plan that includes clear and ambitious reduction targets, and implementing a common system of measuring those emissions and monitoring climate risks.

Cooperation between the Compact of Mayors and APPC will focus on the following areas:

• Establish ambitious targets to control greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), promote low-carbon development, and build climate resilience • Report on GHG inventories • Establish municipal or regional climate action plans to mitigate GHG emissions and enhance climate resilience• Enhance partnership and cooperation through regular dialogue and knowledge sharing