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While having coffee the other day with a fellow fishermen he asked the question, “If you could only have one rod/reel and one bait in your boat what would it be?” A very interesting discussion ensued for the next hour or so about the pros and cons of each of our choices. My friend really liked a 7’6” medium-heavy action casting rod with a 6 to 1 baitcasting reel loaded with 30- lb. braided line. And his bait of choice of course was crankbait. This guy predominantly fishes for nothing but bass, so his choice was not a surprise, but his choice does limit what he can fish for. I told him my choice would be a 7-inch medium action spinning rod with 8- lb. fluorocarbon line and my bait of choice would be 3/8-oz. round headed jig. I explained my choice as having the flexibility of adding an array of plastic trailers to the jig to imitate frogs, lizards, worms, minnows and bait fish; I could also use live bait if needed. This flexibility means I could fish for any number of different species with the same rod/reel and bait – walleye, bass, crappie, northern pike and bluegill – by just changing the trailer I had rigged up. While I don’t think I convinced by friend to change his mind, it was a fun discussion anyway.
A piece of news came across the Internet yesterday for those who have boats, jet skis, or ATV’s. The Keep America Fishing organization issued a warning to be aware of what gasoline they will be pumping into their motors. The U.S. Government is pushing for higher ethanol levels in gasoline, and that E-15 level gasoline can cause engine and valve train overheating and premature failure. When filling up look for nothing higher than E-10 gasoline, preferably gasoline with no ethanol to protect your investments.
Fishing has been good on all the area lakes; Fox Chain, Lake Geneva, and Lake Delevan have reported good steady catches on all species. Lovelace Park is a local hotspot you can try with your younger children. It is close and they will catch fish. Until next time…keep a tight line.
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