We have been enjoying the North Woods for a couple of days now, the daylight stays with us for longer days up here and this week we have the waning full moon, so even the night hours are fairly light still. We have reacquainted ourselves with our neighbors, the mated pair of bald eagles who have been nesting on the island in our bay. From all the activity in the nest the eagles appear to have a newborn again this year. We have been serenaded each morning at coffee and each evening by the lakes’ population of loons. What an amazing sound.  When we are up late in the evening we can hear the wolf pack that has settled somewhere in the area, they aren’t close but you can hear the howls at night. Speaking of wolves, tomorrow we are planning to head over to Ely and visit the International Wolf Institute to see the two new Artic wolf cubs that have joined the resident pack a month ago. Well, I also plan a little fishing amongst all this nature sightings.

The lake is in full “summer peak” as the anglers call it; weeds are at full growth, water levels are stable, all the spawning has been completed for all species, and the water temperature is in the low 70’s. What does all that mean? Well the weed line will grow down to about 12’ to 14’ feet of water and that’s where a lot of the action will be; the northern pike will be roaming the weed edge looking for a meal, the bass are hiding in the weeds for the shade and the oxygen waiting to ambush their next meal and the bluegill are hiding in the weeds trying not to become a predator’s next meal. Went out this afternoon and had a good afternoon of fishing, caught five bass, two northern pikes and a about a dozen bluegills. Dinner was outstanding. More excitement from the north later, until next time…keep a tight line.

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