Painting by Jackson Pollack

On July 20, in the newly reinstalled contemporary galleries at the Art Institute, Evanston resident Christina Pugh responded to works with poems and readings in the Poetry Foundation’s Pop-Up Poetry series.  

Ms. Pugh said “I chose Mark Rothko’s ‘Untitled (Purple, White and Red)’ and Jackson Pollack’s ‘Number 17A’ because I had a longstanding fascination with their work and had written poems on those topics quite a few years ago. The Gerhard Richter painting, ‘Davos,’ seemed to dovetail with a recent poem I’d written about light in the universe.”

Ms. Pugh, professor of English in the program of writers at University of Illinois at Chicago, was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in creative arts for 2015 and spent her winter residency in 2016 at the Bogliasco Foundation in Liguria, Italy.  

As a Guggenheim fellow, Ms. Pugh worked on a book, “Stardust Media,” a collection of reflective poems that follow a poetic speaker through encounters with various technologies – both ancient and contemporary.