Photo by Lynn Trautmann/LTPhoto Evanston 

The Evanston Fire and Police Departments, along with the Evanston Firefighters Association Local 742, held a remembrance ceremony on July 22 to honor the lives of fallen department firefighters Marty Leoni, William Craig and George Stiles. Mary Elizabeth Tisdahl, Fire Chief Greg Klaiber, and Captain Matthew Smith spoke at the ceremony.

Chief Klaiber urged the crowd, “Thank a cop. Thank a firefighter. You would not believe what a simple sign of thanks does for us.”

Captain Smith, addressing firefighters who were present, changed the affirmation, “What you do today is important because you are exchanging another day of your life for it,” to “What you do today is important because you may be exchanging the rest of the days of your life for it.”

The ceremony included a presentation of replica badges to the families of the fallen members. Badges were also presented to the families of deceased firefighters Patrick Reif and Chris Dwyer. The ceremony also acknowledged other firefighters and police officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.