Because the City’s ongoing improvements to the Isabella Street Bridge have already closed the road to traffic, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will be performing track work on the Purple Line at the Isabella Street Crossing. This track work, which is necessary in order to make track improvements and to remove slow zones, is scheduled to occur on Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The CTA will conduct the work over the weekend in order to reduce impact to Purple Line riders. The first hour or so will have little to no impact on the community, since this time will be spent conducting safety briefings and discussing the scope of the work. 

There will be a single track during most of the work, which for the safety of the workers, will require flaggers with air horns to warn of any approaching trains.

Noises from the track work may include:

  • Engine noise from diesel track maintenance equipment
  • Beeping from back-up alarms on track maintenance equipment
  • Gas/impact tools
  • Metal on metal hammering
  • Railroad personnel communications
  • Air horns

For more information, please call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents may simply dial 3-1-1 in Evanston.