For the past 20 years, Inclusion Solutions has recruited community members to wash the wheelchairs of the residents of Hill Arboretum Apartments of Over the Rainbow Association. This year 15 members of the Dar-us-Sunnah Masjid and Community Center were among the volunteers. The two organizations sit on opposite sides of Brown Avenue, across Simpson Street from Twiggs Park.

The 50-60 volunteers came from from North Shore Country Day School, Candelite Chicago, Freshii owner, The Chessmen of the Northshore, NorthBeach Water Polo Club, and the community at large – 50 or 60 of them said Inclusion Solutions Executive Director Pat Hughes.

Claire Howell from NorthBeach Water polo club provided the equipment for manicures for both men and women. Peer Vernon of the Candlelite provided lunch.

“We started this event over 20 years ago and do it once or twice a year,” said Mr. Hughes.

Over the Rainbow offers affordable, barrier-free housing solutions for people with disabilities, to help foster autonomy. The mosque serves as an anchor for the Muslim community in the northern suburbs and north side of Chicago. The annual wheelchair wash was sponsored by Inclusion Solutions, which helps businesses comply with the ADA and better welcome customers with disabilities.