Doug Holt, a member of the District 202 School Board, announced today he will not be seeking reelection to the Board in the April 2016 election. Below is a letter he posted today on his Facebook Page. …

Dear friends,

As my term on the Evanston Township High School board enters a fourth school year, I am letting people know that I do not plan to run for re-election.

It has been and continues to be a privilege and a pleasure to serve on the ETHS board, representing taxpayers, parents and students. We have an outstanding school led by dedicated teachers, administrators and staff, enjoying strong support in the community, and blessed by a strong tax base. My hope is that in some small way my service has contributed to our school’s success.

My intention in announcing now is to allow time for others who may be interested in board service to step up. I believe that a strong, thoughtful and discerning board can add value to our schools. In particular, I think it’s important for the board to include voices from parents — either with students in District 65 getting ready to make the transition to high school, or at ETHS now. As a wise person once said to me, the view you get at the board room table is not always the same as you get from the dinner table. But you only get that dinner-table view if you have a student in the school.

I would be happy to speak with anyone interested in learning more about doing what I did: successfully running for office as a complete novice and serving a full term on the board. A great place to start the journey is at the one-day public service challenge workshop on October 15. For more information, see: .

I want to thank the many friends and supporters who joined me on this journey at the beginning of 2013. Your time, treasure and talent made the campaign possible. I want to thank my colleagues on the School Board for the opportunity to serve with them until my term ends in the spring. I’d also like to thank Supt. Eric Witherspoon and his team for their leadership, professionalism and patience with my many questions.

Lastly, I am grateful to those in Evanston who pay close attention to our schools, including our local media. The public’s attention and persistence make our schools a better place.

All best and Go Kits!