Last year’s ETHS seniors earned the third highest composite score on the ACTs in school history, said Pete Bavis, Assistant Superintendent of School District 202. The 2016 composite score was 23.3, down from the composite score of 23.9 in 2015. By comparison, the composite score of Illinois seniors in 2016 was 20.8, up from 20.7 in 2015.

Dr. Bavis reported that 42% of ETHS seniors met the ACT’s benchmarks for college readiness in all four subjects tested: reading, math, science, and English. This compares with 26% of students in Illinois and in the Nation who met the benchmarks in all four subjects, he said.

Dr. Bavis said more detail, including data desegregated by race, would be presented during the Report on Student Achievement at a subsequent Board meeting.   

Dr. Eric Witherspoon, District 202 Superintendent, called the college readiness scores as “misunderstood. We pay attention and can’t believe how much we outpace the country on this, but we take it for what it’s worth.”