The editors of “Top Value Reviews” has identified Evanston as one of the smartest small towns in America. To figure out which small towns could be considered the smartest, the editors sayd they analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data on the educational levels of various places with fewer than 100,000 people (according to the last U.S. Census). Editors selected small towns based on percentage of the population with advanced degrees, as well as political participation, honored public schools, SAT scores, and an arts presence. 

They ranked Evanston ninth in the nation, just behind Cupertino, California, the headquarters of Apple. This is what they say about Evanston: “Evanston, Illinois is both one of the most sought-after suburbs of Chicago and one of the smartest small towns in America. Continuing the pattern that towns with institutions of higher education seem to also have populations of higher-than-average intelligence, Evanston has some of the most colleges and universities per capita in the entire country. Forty-four percent of its population has a bachelor’s degree, while 39% have graduate degrees. Besides education, Evanston is also a hub for health, and a whopping 37% of all Evanston residents work in one of the two industries.”