The 2nd Act Players’ fall production, “The Institute, Coming of Age During the Vietnam War,” opens Oct. 21 at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 2515 Central Park Ave.

“Each year since our beginning in 2013, we have sought to broaden our talent pool and so deliver evermore compelling shows to our audiences. The level of talent we have assembled this year is truly exceptional. Our audiences have a lot to look forward to,” says 2nd Act Co-founder and Artistic Director John N. Frank.

“The Institute” follows the lives of four young men attending a unique military school during the height of the Vietnam War. They grow from children into adulthood as they and the world around them wrestle with the moral dilemmas of Vietnam. Their friendships are tested by the strain of the war and the military draft that awaits them upon graduation. The women in their lives also play a part in that journey.

“The issues they face about war and country, family obligations versus the need to be one’s own person, are still very much with us today,” says Mr. Frank. “While the bulk of our story takes place more than 40 years ago, it holds great relevance for thinking, caring, involved individuals in today’s world.”

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