left to right: Co-chairs Judy Kemp and Gene Servillo kick-off the benefit with Evanston Community Foundation President and CEO Monique B. Jones.Submitted photo

The Evanston Community Foundation (ECF) raised nearly $280,000 at its annual “Celebrate!Evanston” event Thursday night at the Evanston Golf Club as they marked the 30th anniversary of the Foundation. The theme of the event was “Our Next 30 Years.”

Co-chairs Judy Kemp and Gene Servillo announced to the sold-out crowd that the evening made ECF history by selling the most tickets and by securing the greatest number of sponsors of any event in ECF history. “The funds raised tonight support the broad spectrum of work ECF does across all of Evanston,” Ms. Kemp said.

President and CEO Monique B. Jones told the crowd, “I want you to walk away knowing that ECF is Evanston’s greatest cheerleader.  Not one group, neighborhood, or issue, but all of Evanston.  We stand ready to be a thought partner, a leader when we should be, a collaborator, an investor, a facilitator – and most of all – a convener to grow our impact.”

Broadcasters and Evanstonians, Karen Jordan of ABC7 Chicago and Christian Farr of NBC Chicago emceed the event together for the second year in a row.