“Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur
in illis.”

Times change, and we change with them: Ancient wisdom, eternal truth.
Our world is constantly changing and so are we. Nothing new there. One need not be older or wiser to realize that time, fate, circumstance, and choice shape our world and ourselves like constantly wet clay on a constantly spinning pottery wheel.

We are usually too involved in the process to sense the changes; we are like passengers on a high-speed train who feel as if they are standing still until they look out the window. Life is like that.

What is most difficult for many to accept is that the “good ol’ days” are gone; there is no going back. Change, when it comes to living, is not about undoing but moving through … and on … and growing. Nostalgia is simply an old-time movie venue, i.e., memories in motion that have the potential to be a graduate course in how to improve self and the moment and prep for the future.

But be aware that living with one foot in the past can sabotage the energies needed to cope with the present.

The current political atmosphere requires all the energies we  can muster to believe in and trust our democratic process. This is not our finest hour, either at home or around the world.

Our flaws are not only making headlines but also gnawing at the dream that has always been the heart and soul of America.

In today’s campaigns and presidential debates much of what is being said needs to be heard (and much of it deleted).

Issues, both domestic and foreign that are critical to our well-being are being minimized by ad hominem feuding, sabotaging the quality of leadership needed to deal with them.

There is no Camelot or Great Society in our immediate future, nor  Reaganomics or a Thousand Points of Light. What confronts us all is who and how we want to be as a people committed to a better and changing world.

What was “then” has gotten us into our “now,” and there is no quick fix in sight. What IS in sight is Nov. 8, less than three weeks away.

The saying, “Every vote counts” has never been more true. To throw away or misdirect a vote, or not to vote at all works directly against the strength and meaning of democracy.

Every vote is the voice of our “now” and part of the process we must trust to achieve the dream that is America.