On Oct. 7, a 21-year old male Northwestern student was approached by three subjects near the corner of Sheridan Road and Noyes Street as he was talking on his cellular phone. One of the subjects asked to use his phone. When the victim refused, the subject took the victim’s phone and also took his wallet that contained $20 and a debit card, said Commander Joe Dugan of the Evanston Police Department. The subject further demanded that the victim provide them with his PIN number and accompany them to an ATM in order to make a withdrawal. The victim walked with the subjects to the ATM located near the Noyes Street CTA station where the subject withdrew $400 from the victim’s account. The subject returned the victim’s phone and wallet at which point all three subjects proceeded on to the platform at the Noyes Street station, said the Commander. 

Detectives investigating the incident learned that a 17-year old male from Chicago, who matched the description of one of the offenders, had been taken into custody by the Chicago Police Department for similar robberies. This juvenile was subsequently positively identified as being the offender in the robbery at Sheridan Road and Noyes Street, said the Commander.  On Oct. 24, detectives charged the juvenile with one count of Felony Armed Robbery and one count of Felony Unlawful Restraint.  

Detectives are continuing their investigations into the aforementioned incidents in order to identify additional offenders.