The fishing season for those who fish from shore is coming to a close over the next few weeks because the fish will be moving away from the shore water that is reachable by casting and moving into the deeper water, getting ready for the cold water period of the year. If you are still able to launch a boat there is still some really good fishing available on a number of our area lakes and rivers. The bigger, deeper lakes like Lake Geneva are producing some really nice catches of 3-pound and 4-pound largemouth and smallmouth bass in deeper water (30’ to 40’). Big northern pike are being caught trolling crankbaits in 15’ of water outside the dying weed lines.

This time of year some of the best fishing occurs mid-day when the sun has had a chance to warm the water a little, Lake Geneva is currently reading water temps in the mid-50 degree range. The rivers are giving up some nice walleye catches; the current is up so the areas that are most productive are the wing dams and any current breaks like downed trees, rock piles, even docks.

The walleyes will be on a “false” spawning move in the late fall moving up river to the dams and spillways like it was spring. They will be stacked on the leeward side of structures waiting for the food to be pushed past them by the current. The best technique here would be to cast upstream and let your bait get pushed by the current right past their noses. If you find a spot that gives up a nice fish, go right back again because it’s fairly certain there are several more hiding in the same current break.

Well, there should still be several weeks where the weather will allow some more really good fishing time, so take advantage of it. It will be cold and snowy before we know it. Until next time… keep a tight line.
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