Brian MillerRoundTable photo

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Ninth Ward Alderman Brian Miller kicked off his campaign for mayor on Sept. 23 at Little Beans Play Café, 430 Asbury Ave., saying he feels the Evanston City government can do better for its residents.

City government, Ald. Miller said, should be more transparent, fair and responsive to its citizens. Infrastructure should be maintained an upgraded.

“Best practices are not enough,” he said. “We’re not doing enough about gun violence,” he added. “We are doing well, but we’re still losing kids.”

Ald. Miller attended Evanston public schools, Georgetown University and Northwestern University Law School. In addition to serving as Ninth Ward Alderman, he is chief of staff for Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin. “I grew up in Evanston,” he said. “I live in Evanston. Because of that, I owe Evanston.”