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On Nov. 8, a group of Evanston women who originally coined themselves the Dimpled Chads, after the Bush/Gore ballot bungle in the 2000 Presidential election, will host an Election Night Watch Party at 6 p.m. at Union Pizzeria, 1245 Chicago Ave. In addition to the usual full bar, other Liberal libations will include two signature drinks, Conspiracy Theory and Locker Room Banter, available for purchase.

Guests who dine in and choose to make a $20 donation to help support a more tolerant community will receive up to two half-priced pizzas per donation. The public is invited, and there is no cost to attend.

“The idea for a Nasty Bash to build community on election night developed as a way to help counteract the election cycle’s profound negativity,” said Christine Wolf, a member of the group who organized the evening. “We hope to build momentum in a positive way, and ultimately celebrate the inauguration in January with even bigger fundraising efforts for other initiatives that are positive and empowering.”

Over the years the group of 11 women, in various iterations and combinations, have successfully fundraised more than $80,000 for presidential candidates from John Kerry through today in a number of different local events, including Chili Cook Offs, Obamapalooza, Baracktoberfest, and now the Nasty Bash.

“We haven’t always supported the winning candidate, but we’ve always had a lot of fun trying,” said Ms. Wolf. “This year we think the Nasty vote will win. It will be great to watch it happen with other, like-minded Evanstonians.”