State Senator Daniel Biss, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, State Representative Robyn Gabel, and Police Chief Richard Eddington joined with Douglas Silverstein in the ribbon cutting.                               RoundTable photo

NorthShore University HealthSystem  unveiled the renovated Emergency Department at Evanston Hospital on Oct. 20. The enhancements include increasing the number of trauma rooms from four to seven and increasing the size of the rooms; providing an in-room system for pulling patient medical records at bedside; enabling point-of-care testing, making some lab results almost immediate; and renovating and enlarging the lobby with a children’s play area.  With the renovations, the Emergency Department has a total of 24 rooms.

The hospital’s Emergency Department serves more than 35,000 patients each year. The renovations will help provide improved patient care and reduce waiting times.

 Douglas Silverstein, President of Evanston Hospital, said he was very pleased to welcome the community to the renovated department, adding, “We can do great things for the community.” From plan to completion, the renovations took three years and cost about $10 million, he said.