Evanston’s faith leaders have banded together to arrange an interfaith community gathering for 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 20 at Fountain Square in response to last Tuesday’s Presidential-election result. The gathering is free, and residents of all ages are encouraged to attend.

The gathering is intended to bring Evanston’s diverse population together for a commitment rally with peaceful prayer, songs, witness, and repentance/rectification.

“Whether we live, work and/or worship in Evanston, we are inextricably bound to one another and the common ideals upon which our diverse faith traditions are founded,” says Andrea London, Rabbi at Evanston’s Beth Emet the Free Synagogue, one of the organizers. “Many in our midst have experienced those common ideals being placed at risk over the last 18 months and in the days following the 2016 elections, regardless of their political affiliations or preferences.”

As a lead-up to the event, Rabbi London, along with Pastor Michael Kirby of Northminster Presbyterian Church of Evanston and Pastor Daniel Ruen of Grace Lutheran Church encourage all Evanstonians to sign the Interfaith Statement. Anyone who cannot attend the community gathering can sign the statement at their house of worship or can add their names by emailing to office@stpaulevanston.org by 10 a.m. Sunday morning. The Interfaith Statement is attached.

“We hope that thousands of Evanston residents are moved to join us on Sunday,” says Pastor Michael Kirby. “It’s important at this time of uncertainty for so many of us, that we step up and show one another that we’re each committed to making Evanston a safe and welcoming place for all people.”

In addition to the rally on Sunday, faith leaders are encouraging Evanstonians to reach beyond their faith traditions to attend worship and/or engage in conversations with someone from a different faith the weekend of November 18.