The article titled “Federal and State Elections Over, Local Campaigns on the Horizon,” published in the Nov. 17 edition of the RoundTable and posted on the RoundTable’s website,, may have contained erroneous information about filing dates for candidates in the upcoming municipal election.

Based on information posted by the City Clerk Rodney Greene in the City Clerk’s s page on the City’s website,, the RoundTable said in that article that the filing dates for candidates for City offices were Dec. 12-19.

After the article was printed, Clerk Greene posted new dates on the City’s website, saying, “The filing period begins Nov. 21-28, 2016.”  In a Nov. 23 memo to City Council, Clerk Greene wrote, “The State Board of Elections instructed this office to accept petitions from candidates who file petitions between November 21-28, 2016.”

While Mr. Greene also says on the City’s website, “All petitions will be accepted up to and including Dec. 19 as the last day to receive your petitions,” questions have been raised as to whether Clerk Greene has the authority to extend the filing dates and whether petitions for the municipal election filed after Nov. 28 will be valid.  

The safest course is for candidates in the municipal election to file petitions by Nov. 28. Filing petitions after that date poses a risk. Any candidate who intends to file petitions after Nov. 28 should consult a lawyer.