Daughters of the American Revolution members Nancy Schultz, left, and Debra Coe, right, present a DAR Historic Preservation medal to FWHA Executive Director Glen Madeja.Dave Suarez Photo

On Nov. 9, the Fort Dearborn Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter hosted the ceremony to present the DAR Historic Preservation Medal to Glen J. Madeja, Executive Director of the Frances Willard Historical Association.  

Mr. Madeja was recognized for his years of preservation and restoration of the WCTU Frances Willard properties. The ceremony dedicated a National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Special Projects Grant, awarded to the Frances Willard Historical Association sponsored by the Fort Dearborn Chapter. Christina Bannon, National Vice-Chair of Special Projects Grants was the recognized representative
of the National Society.

 The two buildings, 1724 Chicago Ave. and the Willard House at 1728/1730 Chicago Ave. are Evanston landmarks. This “campus” collectively represents an essential part of the history of women’s role in social activism worldwide and the history of Evanston. In all, four buildings were designated the WCTU Evanston Historic District in 2010. Miss Willard believed in teaching women to “think on their feet, run a meeting and speak in public,” as in life she was the “Do Everything Woman.”